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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I've been terrible on this blog lately, mostly because I've been blogging for work and have a limited capacity to generate words. But we've been busy. Sarah's fourth grade is a good one for her, some troubles in Spanish but enjoying her other courses; she also has taken up tennis, and while rain hascanceled a couple of matches and one of the practices, she's enjoying it.

Over Columbus Day weekend we went to West Virginia and western Maryland, basing out of Martinsburg, WV and spening time at Antietam, on South Mountain, and other points in MD and returning vis old favorite Winchester in VA.

I do hope to do more here soon.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Family History: Some Snapshots

Okay, I need a motivation to blog more here so I'm going to make this my family history blog as well. I'll talk about various interesting ancestors when I don't have anything else to say.
It's late right now so I'm going to just post a picture and some tantalizing info for the first one. More soon.

This is Anna Bandy Wikle, December 18, 1796 - June 29, 1878. She was born (probably in South Carolina) during the Presidency of George Washington. Though lots of people had their photos taken before 1878, the fact that she lived in the hills of northern Georgia make it particularly interesting that she did. I copied this in the 1960s from a tintype in the possession of a cousin in Georgia. Anna was my great-great-great-grandmother; add a great- for Sarah.

I'll discuss Anna more later. This is just an attempt to sow a little interest.

Sarah calls this picture "creepy." I suppose to a kid today, it is. But you're looking at the face of a lady born in Washington's administration, who never left the hill country, some 213 years after her birth.

More to come.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Good Weekend

I'm negligent once again about keeping up posting. Friday was Tam and my 16th wedding anniversary, and Sarah has taken up tennis, and had practice Friday night and a match this (Sunday) afternoon. Yesterday we hung out around Frederick, Maryland, checking out a new Visitor's Center at the Monocacy Civil War battlefield and attending a street fair, then came back via White's Ferry, the last working ferry on the upper Potomac.

I still haven't posted reflections on turning 62 (though don't miss the National Park Service Senior Pass, which gets you in free along with up to three adults at National Parks. Cost: $10 for the rest of your life. Only advantage I've found yet to being 62 since fathers of nine year olds cannot retire.) I'll get there someday.