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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, WiFi Issues and the Milky Way

Jeez. Leave home for the week and Washington has 1) an earthquake yesterday.We hope the house is intact, since they're going to have 2) a major hurricane on the day we drive back, to demolish whatever survives. (Just kidding, I hope.)

I'm assiduously making  movies of each day of our vacation, but yesterday and today it has turned out that "Free WiFi" meant "once in a while," and since YouTube uploads of long videos can take hours (the WiFi's not that fast, either), I may not upload any more videos till we get home, unless the WiFi comes back on. How am I posting this? Well, I'm -- well, I'm using a method that is probably legal but not kosher entirely, so I won't say anymore. Bandwidth is, however, limited.

I did want to get one story on the record before the memories fade. Sarah has become a fan of astronomy, one of my enthusiasms around her age as well. But she's grwing up in the suburbs of Washington, DC. So last night after dark we drove to a dark spot (the driveway into Fort Necessity National Battlefield), and despite provoking the curiosity of a park ranger, showed her the stars unimpeded by urban light pollution. For the first time in her eleven years, she saw the Milky Way. She was stunned and awed and thankful, and it really makes you realize what we have lost with our city lights. She thanked me more than for all the things we've spent lots of money to do. For her, seeing something I could see from my front yard in my childhood was a greater revelation than anything. My God, what have we done?

Today was hanging out; she did a horseback ride, miniature golf, and saw the resort's rather uninspired "zoo," which provoked some cynical comments.

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