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Friday, August 26, 2011

More Videos: Day Four (Three is Delayed)

Back when I was growing up our parents' generation took movies with Super 8 movie cameras (no sound: just picture) and/or slides, and then invited friends, relatives, and long-suffering neighbors over to watch their movies/slides of their trip to Yosemite, somebody's wedding, etc. It was a test of the strength of a friendship: how many people's slides of Yellowstone can you stand to watch?

Today, more mercifully, there is YouTube, blogging, and Facebook. I can put my home movies all over the Internet and pretend every close friend and relative is watching them. But without a lot of monitoring software I have no intention of using, it's still just pretend: you don't have to watch these, and I have no way of telling.

Day 3, the longest day of video on this trip to date, took most of last night uploading, and the upload failed. So for now, skip day 3, and here's day 4:

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